Taken Redundancy.

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Re: Taken Redundancy.

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will not repeat the advice you have been given. Just have a good time and do not put your feet up and do nothing.
Hi Simon, there is plenty of work especially in the garden waiting to be done before winter sets in so that will keep me occupied as working permanent nights the wife will not let me do much during the day bless her!!

Tony and Eddie, many thanks for your replies and yes, I will miss the job, the company and moreover the friendships made with the officers, I used to get many coming over and having a quick coffee with us whilst on duty and when the police communication centre was situated at West Parade before being moved when I finished my shift sometimes I would take over statements for officers and get a cup of coffee in comms, now that they have gone it is only a voice on the phone, same for the officers as well, for they used to go into comms after an incident and speak/joke with the despatchers/call takers now,it all feels so impersonal. I am sure that PaulC Tony, Eddie and other officers will know what I mean. :worried:

Yes, I will miss the job and sadly as the saying goes, all good things come to an end!! :(

Kind regards
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