Say "Aaaaah!"

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Red Arrows
Red Arrows
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Say "Aaaaah!"

Post by Airspeed »

Hello All,
2019 is off to a cracking start at Airspeed farm.
02.30hrs 2nd January........
"What was that?", I call, jumping out of bed, and hitting the bedside lamp switch.
I find Mrs Airspeed crumpled on the floor.
I try to scrape her up, and she says "Don't touch my left arm!"
"I've hurt it bad" she says.
I look, and see that her elbow juts out where it should be an angle.
"You're going to hospital" I say.
I grab the mobile to call the local hospital, Mrs A rolls backwards. I drop the phone and try to sit her up again. Panic hits, as, zombie-like, she stares straight ahead, unresponsive and rather stiff.
I can't tell you how many thoughts, fears, etc zapped through my meagre brain.
Finally, she asks me what's wrong.
Local hospital says they can't help, call an ambulance.
Called 000. Talked through what I should do with the operator, then we wait for the ambulance to arrive.
Crew assess situation, administer morphine...."We'll give you more in the truck, you'll need to walk out there"
We spend the rest of the night in Emergency at Ballarat Base Hospital.
X rays, CT scans, sun comes up.
Turns out that the poor Darling broke her ulna, which then seperated from the elbow joint.
4pm Mrs A goes to surgery. 8pm returns to ward.
Steel plate and screws have been inserted. Pain bad.
Today, 3rd January, still trying to control pain, assessed as unfit for discharge, try again tomorrow.
Tomorrow forecast 40°+C, so our daughter is planning on using her airconditioned car to bring her home.
Hospital staff have been great, hope that they can sort out an effective pain relief.

The Gurus
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Re: Say "Aaaaah!"

Post by DaveG »

Oh dear, poor Mrs A. :-O Hope she recovers quickly.
You take care of her Mike.
Dave G.

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Re: Say "Aaaaah!"

Post by robbie »

Bl**dy hell mike, after all that you must be exhausted, give Mrs A my best wishes for a quick recovery.

Nigel H-J
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Re: Say "Aaaaah!"

Post by Nigel H-J »

Frikkin' Nora Mike!! What a start to the New Year!! :-O

Do hope that your wife recovers from that nasty accident quickly and also hope that you are managing to look after her well.

Please pass on my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Re: Say "Aaaaah!"

Post by FlyTexas »

Good grief! :-O All the best to Mrs. Airspeed for a full and speedy recovery.


Chris Trott
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Re: Say "Aaaaah!"

Post by Chris Trott »

Wow, sorry to hear of your wife's spill. Hope she has a quick recovery and she's able to get the pain managed effectively. I know it can be tricky to get it right. The women in my family are particularly resistant to painkillers, so they've always had trouble getting effective pain management when things happen.

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Re: Say "Aaaaah!"

Post by Buggyman »

Start 2019 with a bang? Hope Mrs A is home soon.

Mike, look after yourself, don't put your health at risk by overdoing it. After all you have a very important patient to look after.



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Battle of Britain
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Re: Say "Aaaaah!"

Post by Tomliner »

What a bad start to 2019 Mike. Hope Mrs A isn’t too uncomfortable now and that she recovers fully soon.Best wishes EricT
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Re: Say "Aaaaah!"

Post by Tako_Kichi »

Wow Mike, I hope all gets better soon. I thought we'd had a rough holiday period health-wise but it's nothing compared to your story!

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Re: Say "Aaaaah!"

Post by emfrat »

Mike, sympathy and best wishes to you both.

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