Two years.

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Battle of Britain
Battle of Britain
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Re: Two years.

Post by Tomliner »

Thanks for that info Nigel. I know we’re getting a bit off topic but I just wanted to say that I had a flight in the Prentice with John Corley at Wolverhampton. In addition I’ve flown in the Twin Pin from Coventry to Duxford in 2005 and had flights in their Dak(G-AMPY I think) and the Rapide at Coventry and Wolverhapton when Jon Gowdy was the Pilot. I found info on Jon Gowdy here.
:) EricT
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Nigel H-J
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Re: Two years.

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Thanks for the link Eric and found that to be a very interesting read :thumbsup:

Won't hog this thread as it is now beginning to drop away from what it is, a remembrance of Dave. :((

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