Isolation and flying.

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Re: Isolation and flying.

Post by Swanoir »

Ironically have barely done any flying at all. As a supply teacher I am completely out of work. I think I'd feel a bit 'wrong' spending hours on FSX. I'm busy doing jobs around the house to try and justify my existence :hide:

Vc Ten
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Re: Isolation and flying.

Post by Vc Ten »

We were self isolating last week after coming home from the Far East :fly: Got a few flights in, but likewise trying to get some jobs done while I could
Currently working for a reserved company and business is manic (food production) They are short staffed, several outside suppliers shut down and plenty of breakdowns. Coming home too knackered to fly. Quick flight tonight though
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Re: Isolation and flying.

Post by chrispbits »

I've rediscovered the joys of Aerofly AFS 2, which I hadn't been on for a while. I've also discovered a good source for freeware scenery - Currently downloading scenery files for the UK.

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