Awesome Trident Video

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Re: Awesome Trident Video

Post by Nigel H-J »

:lol: :lol: That nearly happened with the Victor at Bruntingthorpe, the chap operating the throttles did not respond to the word stop!! :doh:

I think in Peters' case it would be: 'Now if I just eased back slightly....................... get the nose up......................... then stop'!! :worried:

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Re: Awesome Trident Video

Post by dfarrow »

Aharon , many thanks for this , It's a case of that's 'wot we looked like from the outside .
Looking at the opening shot , it must have been very early on . There is no 'bullet' extension for the Garrett APU above the No. 2 engine . I understand , and Peter may clarify ; that the early APU was a french Aztazou [ or similar name ] ; fitted in the belly and exhausting onto the ramp with consequent problems . Refitting with a Garrett Airsearch in the fin solved them .
The surplus french models were fitted onto VW pick-up versions of camper vans to give us ground airstart units when APU was u/s.
The french APUs were before my time [ 1973 onwards ] , so I never saw one .

I'd be there with you Peter , she wasn't called 'the gripper' for nothing .. 'tho Bob clarkson seems to remember more than I . We had a 48th anniversary course reunion last autumn near Staverton . Got to look around the T3 G-AWZU nose in the JAM museum ... Bob could remember the before start hydraulic control check perfectly ! And he probably came off the fleet in '82 .

rgds dave f.

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