Sad Day

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Battle of Britain
Battle of Britain
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Sad Day

Post by Tomliner »

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Re: Sad Day

Post by Globitz »

Very sad indeed, will be a shame not to see too many 747s at Heathrow when I go for my walks!

I di however manage to get down there this morning to see them and as luck would have it, as I live on the North side, due to the weather the simultaneous parallel take-offs were abandoned and both went off runway 27R!
Not the best of images I know but the clouds were not on our side.....
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Vintage Pair
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Re: Sad Day

Post by blanston12 »

Sad indeed, of course since commercial flights had ended some time ago its a bit of a formality. I was always hoping the B747 would still be flying when the A380 was finished, and that may still happen, but not with BA.
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Re: Sad Day

Post by Nigel H-J »

From what I understand is that some 747's will possibly continue as freighters for up to 20 years, given that freighters do not fly as much as passenger aircraft do this is quite possible, however, very sad to see them go as a passenger carrier..

My sister was a stewardess firstly on VC10's then the 747 and she loved them!!

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