RIP Gerry Marsden

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RIP Gerry Marsden

Post by FlyTexas »

Just saw this on YouTube. :(

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Re: RIP Gerry Marsden

Post by Airspeed »

Bad news travels fast, Brian. :(
Thanks for the HU.
R.I.P. Gerry, thanks for the entertainment. ;)
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Re: RIP Gerry Marsden

Post by Tako_Kichi »

Another sad loss, I saw the news on the day he died and had to go and listen to a couple of his tunes on YouTube.

Whenever I hear Ferry Across The Mersey I am transported way back in time to a day-trip my late grandmother took me on in the mid 60's. She used to look after me during the day during school holidays as both my parents worked at that time and the local bus company used to organize bus trips to various nearby places of interest (i.e. with a 90 minute drive or so). Rhyl, Chester Zoo, the Lake District, Snowdon etc. were all were in striking distance for a day-trip. On this particular day the trip was to the very popular New Brighton Amusement Center on the Wirral located on the west bank of the River Mersey. I must have got bored with the fair rides (or maybe my grandmother got tired of hanging around waiting for me to get rides) but I know at some point we ended up at the ferry docks and took the famous (thanks to the song) ferry ride across the river to Liverpool and back (we didn't get off, just sailed over and back). It was very impressive for an impressionable young boy (I was probably about 8-9 years old) and I distinctly remember being overawed by the size of these huge, hulking, black and rust monsters as the ferry went alongside the numerous freighters in the Liverpool docks. It seemed as though we were close enough to reach out and touch them and I remember craning my head back just to be able to see up the side of the ships to the rails we were that close to them as we came into the ferry dock. It made me feel very tiny and vulnerable alongside them and maybe that is part of the reason why I have always preferred to fly anywhere rather than sail, the memories of those hulking monsters is strong at times!

R.I.P. Gerry and thanks for all the tunes.
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Re: RIP Gerry Marsden

Post by Tomliner »

Yes a sad loss indeed.I remember buying his singles in the ‘60s. In later years one of my favourite of his songs was/is ‘Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying’
I recall visiting Liverpool at the height of its musical fame in the 60s THE place to be.
Also remember going on a school day trip by bus in about 1955. One particular memory was having a ride on the overhead railway which think ran the length of the docks. Fascinating to see so many ships close up. :) EricT
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Re: RIP Gerry Marsden

Post by nigelb »

R.I.P, Gerry. One of my favourite Merseyside groups. I can remember taking the ferry across to Birkenhead and back to Liverpool in 1957 with my mother who was originally from Liverpool. Took the same trip again in 2007 but this time they played "Ferry Across The Mersey" to accompany the trip.

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Re: RIP Gerry Marsden

Post by 511Flyer »

When we had our pub, back in the 80's, last thing on Saturday evenings we played Gerry's version of "You'll never walk alone" It became a sort of ritual, and the customers demanded it before they went home. Sometimes it was well into Sunday before we closed. Happy days!

It has become one of the most played records at funerals in recent years. I actually prefer the Andre Rui version.

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Re: RIP Gerry Marsden

Post by simondix »

I have a couple of his in my collection. Always used to look as if he should have to grow into his guitar.


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Nigel H-J
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Re: RIP Gerry Marsden

Post by Nigel H-J »

I actually prefer the Andre Rui version.
Just had to listen to the Andre Rui version, bought quite a lot of emotional reaction to the audience and this was in Germany!!

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