Accuracy or Type!!

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Would you download or paint an A/c purely for having that type or do you go for accuracy!

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Accuracy or Type!!

Post by fmansam »

Hi gents,
this could or might upset a few people, this is not my intention, im just curious!! :lol:

I love flightsim in anyway shape or form, but i have become a stickler for accuracy!
my question is this....
would you build, paint, or download an aircraft purely because its a type you have been waiting for, or, do you build , paint, or download because its accurate as in model to colour scheme , sqn etc!

i have noticed there are alot of people out there who will churn out paints, even though they arent true of the model they are painting on!
where as i might be desperate to have a particular model, but refuse to download it, because the model is wrong for above reasons.
i could give a few examples but what are your views....
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Post by markw »

Not interested in military stuff so I wouldn't know what type is correct or not. A Lightning is a Lightning, a Spitfire a Spit (except those with the funny clipped wings).

However, for civil stuff, it would depend on the availability of the correct type. For example, take the 1-11. Despite Dave having already made a Landor BA liveried 1-11 it was of the normal fleet BA type, whereas I wanted a model of the ex-BUA examples flown by Maersk out of Birmingham, which do have some differences (most visible being the stringy aerial doodah from the tail to the cockpit) and which I was lucky enough to fly on several times before withdrawal, so I downloaded the correct hush-kitted B-Cal version, and modified the other BA textures to fit, complete with Maersk logos and correct registrations. The other extreme is the use of the lovely cargo Skyvan to represent the prototype "interstol" passenger fitted demo plane used by BAS in the 70's on a promo tour. The real plane was passenger fitted and ran VIP trips for local dignataries. Our uploaded version would have Their Worships sitting on orange crates, but it was an interesting and unusual livery that deserved a release, so I'm happy to overlook the rear cargo door (handy for quick turnarounds though) and lack of internal fittings.

As I see it it's a game or pastime, and if a model sort of looks right and there's no alternative, then I do a Nelson, but if there is a correct version available, then it's best to use that and get as accurate a visual model as possible.
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Post by alemaobaiano »

Accuracy first, I'm getting to be a picky old sod these days. :roll:

I download a lot less than I used to, and if a model isn't quite right it doesn't stay on my HD for long. There is so much choice now that both approaches have good and bad points, but my primary reason has to be the number of top quality models available. I don't have as much time for FS as I used to, so there is no reason to have thousands of aircraft on my PC. So, I go for the ones that are more accurate, and usually models that I have either flown in or seen for myself.

I wouldn't criticize the freeware designer/painter/creator because these people have put so much into FS over the years, and I can't do what they do. The same names are always top of my DL lists, and most of them can be seen on here :smt038 :smt038

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Post by DaveB »

I agree Tony.. it has to be accuracy these days. I do have a couple of oddments in my hangar (done privately for a bit of fun.. BEA Red Square VC10 and Varsity.. oh, and a Queens Flight One-Eleven) but that's about the extent of it. I admire what Garry has done with the Viscounts/Vanguards/One-Elevens by seeking out the unusual, non-mainstream liveries and making them available though they are all realistic and definately NOT like the BEA RS examples above :grin: Even the QF One-Eleven is realistic to BAC proposals even though the RAF never chose it for those duties :wink:

DaveB :smt025
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Post by danowat »

I guess it depends, if the differences between particular varients are big, then I wont bother with it some much, but if its not to different then I am not anal enough to worry about it that much, I am trying to think of some examples......

Maybe an example for me is the ATR, I like the F1 ATR72-500, but, if I want a livery for the ATR42 then I will use the "old" Eurowings ATR42, the difference is too big for me, but saying that, if I want to fly a livery for the 72-200 I will use the 72-500, even though the differences are reasonable big.

I would imagine that everyone has a different idea of what they find acceptable, with some being more anal than others about it 8)

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Post by TobyV »

I thought I'd be devil advocate and vote type. I'm not too fussy on the level of detail, I am casual rather than a "real" pilot. I just like what it there to be as accurate as possible, but if the pitot tube on the side of the nose is 2 inches too low and is made from an 8 sided rather a 32sided poly I'm not fussed :grin: Similarly I'm not going to notice littel details in the operation of the panel and I think a long read of the manual just to start the engine is not what I'm after. In general, the models produced by the designer here tend to suite my tastes, they look good and I can fly them, and thats what matters, but theres always one I want that hasnt been done yet!
Garry Russell
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Post by Garry Russell »

I go for accuaracy as much as possible.

Slight vaiations ar always present between like types of different operators.

I would not though paint Mike Stones Freighter as a Superfreighter or a Super Constellation as an 0-49 and I do not paint or download fictional liveries.

Sometimes things have to be ignored like the three bladed props on the Short Skyliner or the wrong cockpit on the Viscount because it would be a pity for FS to be denied the liveries just because of that.

The advantage of doing close enough is often if there is a model update then a whole load of liveries can then be applied to the new model.

The is a new V.700, model to come out soon from Rick (Don't ask when he is busy on the Argosy) and the liveries already produced will be usuable on the new model so the is a practicle reason to get the done sometimes.

Some details are nver noticed so don't matter

How many have noticed that the TCA Vanguards had the door handles in a different position to the BEA and did not have the small windows or that ex BEA V.701 had an extra window added each side and V.802 Viscount have the forward windows in a different position to V.806?

If the liveries are applied to near enough it still may not please the purists but the majority will download and enjoy.

So I give as close to as possible, if possible, based on fact and the decision is yours.

And in the end it is a pleasure and a relaxation so as long as there are those doing the fiction and those doing the fact most should find something they enjoy.

Nigel H-J
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Post by Nigel H-J »

I have spent a lot of time in the past searching through various Free-Ware sites for certain types of aircraft, I assume that many of these Free-Ware designers do it not only as a hobby but also to give all flight simmers the option of not having to go to a payware site or dare I mention the name? PC World. Don't want to advertise it but guess you'll know who I mean!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:

Probably had I not found the sites of Dave M and Rick not to mention a few, I would have probably just been very happy to have what is on offer however, the sites of Dave, Rick etc. have given a benchmark on how aircraft should be done and now I find myself (I suppose unfairly) comparing other aircraft designs (especially cockpit layouts) as how I now expect them.

Again this is probably very unfair comments as I know that I would not be able to design anything that would be considered or even represent something of an aircraft but this is now how I view not only Free Ware but also Payware, I like to have the best!!!!! 8) 8)
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Post by jonesey2k »

I try and get the best models, the best pannel and the best sounds. I also try and get proper liveries. Allthough I like the odd fictional repaint, my BA 1-11 repaint for example :lol:
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Rick Piper
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Post by Rick Piper »

I like accurate visual models.

But i want one that can be flown reasonably accurately but not need 2 hours to start the engine :-?

I limit the visual models too keep updates easier.
I don't think every ariel etc are important on all variants.

Although on the Vanguard i did model correct types.
Now i have 4 times the work every update as there are 4 variants. :-?

Viscount i just made a 700 & an 800 generic type to keep it easier.

you have to draw the line somwhere if you are ever going to stand a chance of keeping the models fresh.

Rick :wink:
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