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Post by DelP »

Hi Margie :smile:

Welcome to the forum..

..when do we get to see Leif's baby photos?..

:lol: :lol:

Derek :smile:
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Trev Clark
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Post by Trev Clark »

Welcome indeed, we need a little more feminine input around here :wink: .
ATB Trev
Battle of Britain
Battle of Britain
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Post by DispatchDragon »

Welcome indeed, we need a little more feminine input around here
Trev - you need to know the 3 years she spent in the Army was in REME
wiring SPs - specifically wiring harness's on Pratt & Whitney radials
and there weren't that many females at the depot - So she was known then as "Johnny" - along with another WRAC who was known as "Speedy"
I'll try and con her into posting her WRAC photo LOL...At Britannia she
supplied not only BAL but several other well known names with Charts,
Approach plates and Flight Plans - And provided a free B&B to crew members at the bottom of the hill at Luton. :wink:

Sorry Mum - I know you wont toot your own horn- and I didnt mention
rolling the Valentine :lol:

Leif :-#
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Battle of Britain
Battle of Britain
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Post by VEGAS »

Hello & a very warm welcome... ! :smile:
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Nigel H-J
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Hello Margie and welcome, lurking in the background eh? No wonder Leif has always behaved himself!!!.... :wink:
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Post by petermcleland »

Hi Margie and welcome to the best lurking place on the Internet :smile: I'm fairly ancient too, but not yet "Properly Old" and I enjoy it here :lol:
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Hello, and welcome Margie :smile:
Dave G.
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Hello Margie!

Welcom on board this vickers viscount on a one way trip to CBFS!!!
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Post by Vixus »

Warning: Pilots may be on recreational substances and bad comedy may ensue. Not mentioning any names, Mr. G. R.
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