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Musings & Observatins

Post by Tomliner »

Hi Guys& Gals
It's difficult to be brief but I would like to say how much I enjoy using this website.Trying not to become too schmultzy I would say that I feel that this site epitomises all that is good about the internet-informative,helpful,very witty and entertaining and a great feeling of comeraderie.I am not the most experienced FSuser or PC expert but I do really enjoy this hobby and using this website.May you go from strength to strenth.I'd better sign off now or I might start blubbering into my glass of vino. Very best wishes to all of you,EricT
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Post by DaveB »

Unsurprisingly Eric.. I agree with all of that! :lol: :lol:

Now.. here's a nightmare for you. Just imagine (but only for a moment) that you were on a Boeing :shock: or Scarebus :shock: forum :brick:

:lol: :lol:


DaveB :tab:
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