Trident Fleet Paints - for latest model

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Trident Fleet Paints - for latest model

Post by MALTBY D »

I've updated the Trident models on my website. Mainly to make it compatible with FSX SP2, but also some improvements to the VC for FS2004 use as well.
See full details of the update here

The new models are built with FSDS3 (MakeMdl). There had to be a small texture alteration to fix the reflective areas on the nose that you get with FSX SP2.
So I have updated all of the VA fleet downloads to match the new model.
The newest additions to the Trident 3 fleet AWZR & AWZS are now included in the T3 BA/BEA downloads.
And there are corrections to the BEA T2s AVFM/N/O, where I had messed up with the reg on the wing.
I have checked all 98 of my Trident paints in FS this time, so hopefully there are no mistakes.

Trident 2 BA Fleet (19 mb)
Trident 2 BEA Fleet (21 mb)
Trident 2 BEA Red Square Fleet (11 mb)
Trident 2 CAAC Fleet (21 mb)

Trident 3 BA Fleet (26 mb)
Trident 3 BEA Fleet (31 mb)

Trident 1E PIA Fleet (2 mb)

All these are set up to use the updated panel & sounds that can be downloaded from my website.
The aircraft.cfg files are set up to use the VC models. If you want the no-VC model instead, simply remove the 'VC' wherever it states 'panel=VC' and 'model=VC' in the aircraft.cfg files.
The modified paints will still work with the old model, if you decide not to update your Trident models.

And there is this extra paint job too...
Trident 2 Cyprus 5B-DAA


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Re: Trident Fleet Paints - for updated model

Post by Garry Russell »

Thanks very much for that David. :thumbsup:




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Re: Trident Fleet Paints

Post by DelP »

Oower... :o

Thanks for that David.. ;-)


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Re: Trident Fleet Paints - for updated model

Post by DaveB »

With experience of putting ANY sort of FS release together.. I can honestly say that this must have been a complete and utter..****.. err.. it must have been tedious at best. Very much appreciated DM :rock:


DaveB :tab:
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Re: Trident Fleet Paints - for updated model

Post by fighterpilot »

Thanks David, for putting all the effort into these, Even more excuse to go and get even more VA time on my favorite Jet.... or is that the 1-11 :lol: :lol:


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Re: Trident Fleet Paints - for updated model

Post by RAF_Quantum »

What can I say ? Top notch David, thank-you very much.



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Re: Trident Fleet Paints - for updated model

Post by Nigel H-J »

As usual and this can only be expected of me........Just found this!! :doho:

One day I might be up early enough to catch the elusive worm!! :worried:

Dave, this is fantastic, thank you very much and Merry Christmas.....Oh!.......done it again!!....we already had that didn't we!!! :$

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