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Re: Floating Boats

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Some interesting responses here. On the subject of boats neighbours of ours from a few years ago sold up and bought a lovely boat for cruising the waterways of France. They put quite a few miles in - down the Rhone and then up past Toulouse on the Canal du Midi. Their ballast primarily consisted of bags of white wine so it's perhaps not surprising that at some point in the south of France they dropped anchor and that was pretty much them for a couple of years. They've been back for a while (to the relief of white wine lovers in that part of France). They no longer own their own house but I think they thoroughly enjoyed themselves while it lasted. I like boats, much more than my wife does, and there that particular liking ends! :lol:

Similarly to many responses I also like reading, cooking for pleasure (rather than 'cos I must), walking, cycling and travelling - several of which kind of go quite well together. We've returned recently from a bit of a tour in France - visiting son and partner in Brittany then down to the Ile de Re, then over to Bergerac. Got some cycling in but they have things called hills in Brittany and around Bergerac so aside from a constant need to map read it was a touch energetic.

Some time next year(ish) we plan to buy a motor home for slightly more leisurely travel (apologies in advance to those people that hate getting stuck behind these things - including me).
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