i7 not compatible with Win 11.

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i7 not compatible with Win 11.

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Re: i7 not compatible with Win 11.

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The issue isn’t that it’s an i7, it’s that it’s a 7000 series. Needs to be an 8000 series (8th gen) or better.

You can get round it, but I’m not sure what the consequences are. If you use the Windows 11 tool to make a bootable W11 USB key and install it from that, it will install and run, but I don’t know what, if anything will happen further down the line.

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Re: i7 not compatible with Win 11.

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Interesting that your i7-7700HQ is not compatible with W11. My gaming machine, which was top of the line when I got it about 5 years ago has a i7-7820HK so will probably not be compatible either. If course right now I am struggling for a reason why I should upgrade, not seeing a good reason yet.

Of course if M$ decides I need it to run MSFS it may finally be the reason why I finally have to upgrade again.


Looking at this page:

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/window ... processors

I see that while there are two variants of the I7-7820 in the list (X and HQ) mine the HK is not. Suppose I will never know until. I try but the i7-7800X is the first i7 in the list.

Edit Again:
The i7-7820HK in my system is not compatible.
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