Aircraft Type Ratings

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Vc Ten
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Re: Aircraft Type Ratings

Post by Vc Ten »

I meant to check that last night. It was probably me that left it there :$
I'll check it now

Edit G-BGMC is on its way over to Lands End :wasntme: :wasntme:
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Re: Aircraft Type Ratings

Post by adysmith »

I may have found a cure for the "Type Ratings" page.

I noticed that on the normal list it showed my Comet type rating as current with last flight, so I deleted my Andover type rating, left it a few d ays then reinstated it. It now shows as current (haven't flown it yet)

If it is still all good after I fly it in a few days time I will do the same to all my other type ratings so that they show correctly.

If that seems to produce a cure I am happy to do the same for everybody else if required (no requalfications required if the TR is current)

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