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Re: Book Recommendation

Post by sando »

For WW1 aviation interest, this is an intriguing read for ebook users. Pilots description of life as a RFC flyer.

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Re: Book Recommendation

Post by VC10 »

From Supermarine Seafire XVII to Douglas DC10 by Ronald Williams - ISBN 978-1-84884-647-0.

I have just been given a copy of this newly published book ( in return for letting the author use one of my photo's) and I can't put it down. Williams started his career in the Merchant Navy, but decided that the life wasn't for him long term. While in the MN he was protected from national service, so soon after he left he was called up - the choice was an Army cook or trainee pilot in the RN - a difficult choice. The book, 175 pages,then chronicles his flying life to his retirement with BA as a DC10 captain after flying Seafire, Sea Fury, Meteor, Attacker, Viking,Dove, Twin Pioneer (including ditching one off the coast of Africa in bad weather), Convair 880, B707 & DC10.

The style is amusing detailing such things as the abbreviated notes batmen wrote about trainee pilots doing their first deck landings - BALLS translated as 'Began Approach Low, Landed Slow', what you didn't want was a note that translated as ' Cannot Understand New Technique'!
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Re: Book Recommendation

Post by Vancouver »

Fighter General: The Life of Adolf Galland - Marvellous read. 1/2 way through it. A gentleman. Another great book & in pristine cond for $7.00 picked up through my local second hand dealer in Chilliwack BC a treasure trove of all books and particularly aviation.
Checked Amazon UK ... 67&sr=8-15
They have several copies.
A good read overall.

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Re: Book Recommendation

Post by speedbird591 »

White Ship - Red Crosses by Nicci Pugh

Amazon UK

Peter has mentioned this book a couple of times but modestly failed to mention that it was written by his wife! Partly because of that added interest but mainly because of the subject I bought it and have just finished it. It is a thoroughly good read and highly recommended.

It's the story of how the SS Uganda was requisitioned, refitted as a hospital ship and sent to the South Atlantic during the Falklands war. Nicci was one of three theatre sisters on board and she tells the story from her own perspective but equally using the words of her colleagues and patients. It gives a thorough insight into all aspects of the logistical, medical and personal problems that had to be overcome. Nicci has included the stories of several of the most badly injured servicemen written in their own words and the bravery and stoicism is unbelievable. I hadn't realised just how many men were seriously injured during (and after) the campaign and this book shows the same spirit that got the Vulcan to Port Stanley against huge odds was just as visible in getting badly injured men treated and on their way home from such a hostile environment so far from safety.

Perhaps the addition of a hospital ship to the Task Force initially seems to be a small matter in relation to the whole challenge. But the almost insurmountable problems that come to light in just this area of the undertaking help to put the achievement of regaining the islands in perspective.

Ian :)

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Re: Book Recommendation

Post by dodger »

Hello Chaps,

Just finished this book ,"Raymond Baxter's Farnborough Commentary" ISBN 0-85059-434-0 it was first published in 1980, i bought this from the Spitfire/Hurricane Museum at Manston, Kent,

Raymond was my favorite on TV and reading this account of his times at Farnborough and his wit was great and having been to the airshows back in the fifties and seeing the Vulcan Rolled flown by 'Roly' Falk' was something i have never forgotten,

Even if you have never been to Farnborough it gives a great account of our Postwar aviation.

An enjoyable read.


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Re: Book Recommendation

Post by Jon.M »

"The Luck of the Devil" by Air Vice-Marshall Tony Dudgeon CBE DFC. ISBN-13: 978-0906393543

A really good read, it covers Dudgeon's career from training at Cranwell in the 30's to life flying on the north west frontier flying Hawker Harts, including a description of the all important 'goolie chit' when flying over tribal areas. He was a Blenheim squadron leader in the desert air force and a major player in the little known but important Anglo-Iraq war of 1941.
Each chapter is self contained and the style is often witty and irreverent. It's also interesting as the areas in which Dudgeon served are areas in which conflict continues today.


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Re: Book Recommendation

Post by Tomliner »

I found a hardback copy of Ernest K Gann's 'Flying Circus' ISBN 0 340 20693 4 in a charity shop recently which I have almost finished reading.It' s a collection of articles from various magazines published in the late 60s and 70s It is interesting to read his opinions of some of the aircraft featured particularly his fondness for the DC4 and its reliability as opposed to the somewhat less reliable Stratocruiser.The book was published in 1974.
Also I recently ordered 'From Supermarine Seafire to DC10' by Roland Williams ISDN 978-1-84884-647-0. as recommended by VC10 some time ago.I ordered it from and it should arrive any time now. :) EricT
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Re: Book Recommendation

Post by dfarrow »

Following on from the Highlands and Islands film . 2 favorite books of the ilk . Island Pilot by Capt Alan Whitfield , ISBN 978-0-9518-9588-7 , the story of his establishing the Shetland Isles air-service for Loganair . Also Times subject to Tides ,by Roy Calderwood ,ISBN 0-9518958-3-4 the story of Barra's beach airport . Both great reads , photos, top tips , and inspiration for fs flights .

ATB dave f.

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Re: Book Recommendation

Post by simondix »

Interesting the one about Barra as I landed there last month


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Re: Book Recommendation

Post by hobby »

I have just finished reading an old paperback version of "Glidepath" by Arthur C Clark. THE Arthur C Clark! The novel is based on his own experiences during WW2 while working on the prototype radar units later developed into GCA units complete with the very first radar GCA simulators.

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