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Posted: 24 Feb 2011, 20:52
by DaveB
Pilots please note..

If you think you're getting close to a critical fuel situation, look for a diversion airfield (preferably one big enough to be included in the FSA database!) then declare a diversion using the DIVERT facility on the client page and make for that airfield. There is NO impact on your flight rating for doing so and more importantly, the airline doesn't suffer a loss of reputation and revenue.
Once landed at the divert airfield, end the flight as normal. An onward flight will automatically be generated by the system and full revenue for the flight will be paid on completion of the 'second' flight.. minus any additional fuel you had to take onboard.
The facility is available so PLEASE use it if and when necessary.

I've removed the sentence about needing to be in 'level flight' before declaring a diversion as further information has shown this not to be necessary.

DaveB B)smk