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Screenshots in MSFS - HDR

Posted: 23 Nov 2021, 12:17
by TSR2
Hi guys, I'm hoping some of you may know the answer to this. I've set windows to use HDR and MSFS uses it too now. In game and on screen everything looks great, but when I take screenshots, they're completely washed out. I'm just using the print screen button. Any ideas?
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Re: Screenshots in MSFS - HDR

Posted: 24 Nov 2021, 17:25
by Filonian
Not tried to take any myself Ben.
Perhaps this will give some assistance. ... -simulator


Re: Screenshots in MSFS - HDR

Posted: 25 Nov 2021, 18:04
by dfarrow
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Re: Screenshots in MSFS - HDR

Posted: 25 Nov 2021, 18:22
by Paul K
Just out of interest Ben, do 3rd party screen capture progs work better ? I use Pic Pick, which might be worth a try.

Re: Screenshots in MSFS - HDR

Posted: 26 Nov 2021, 10:25
by Archer
I had a quick look on Google to confirm my suspicion, and found this:
SDR is 8-bit (256 values for each RGB color), and HDR is 10-bit (1024 values for each RGB color). Most software still only captures images in 8-bit formats, since HDR is not really that popular on PC. Such formats only allow you to see 25% (256) of all the 1024 values. That's why the screenshots taken by those programs in those formats look washed out of colors - you can see only 25% of 10-bit colors captured in an 8-bit image.
To solve this, you need to be able to save the image to a format that captures 10-bit colour, either in a special format or by mapping the 10-bit colour information to an 8-bit image which takes a bit of processing behind the scenes.

Sorry, no quick and easy solution I'm afraid. It might be worthwhile looking at other screen capture software as suggested.

Re: Screenshots in MSFS - HDR

Posted: 26 Nov 2021, 20:25
by TSR2
Cheers for the info chaps, and sorry for the tardiness in the reply.

I did some experiments and concluded that, to be able to take screenshots in MSFS and still enjoy it… I should just switch HDR off 😁

There is an awful lot of post production work and general “fancying about” to actually take a screenshot in HDR that you could use on t’internet