Advice on VR Settings for MS2020

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Advice on VR Settings for MS2020

Post by Nigel H-J »

Hi chaps, really enjoying MS but for one thing. I have only just re-started using my Oculus Quest 2 after having it stored in its box for quite some time though I have found that the graphics are barely so-so when using it and think it may be down to Nvidia and MS Graphic settings. Have played around for a while but when flying over Lincolnshire and being rural it is and the only word I can think of is 'orrble. Distance to view is very limited and not really sure what to expect through the lens but nothing like I have seen on You Tube.

My specs are:

Intel [email protected]
NVidia RTX 2070

All drivers are presently up to date. I have viewed some settings on You Tube but sitting through some 20 plus minutes of some-one babbling on is one way for me to switch off as by the time they get to the end I have already forgotten the beginning!! :wall:

What I am looking for is settings for NVidia and also VR Settings in MS2020 that might allow me to see things a reasonable distance away on the ground from around 2-3000ft up.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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