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Power Toys

Post by TSR2 »

Many of you who had been PC users back in the days of Windows 95 and 98 might remember a little Microsoft utility called power Toys that allowed you to tweak various aspects of the desktop and other bits and pieced.

I remember having it up until Windows XP I think it was, but I think it died a death after that, or so I thought.

I have only just rediscovered it, and its alive and well. Lots of features for Windows 10 and 11, and you an choose which features you want to install. It seems to be being kept up to date too, with several updates this year alone. The feature I use most is the ability to right click on an image in Explorer and resize it.

Anyway, thought I'd make you all aware of it again in case it's of use.



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Re: Power Toys

Post by DaveG »

Thanks Ben, I remember having that back in the day. Just had a quick look, lots of tools in there. :cpu:
Dave G.

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