Isolation and flying.

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Charlie Bravo
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Isolation and flying.

Post by Charlie Bravo »

Although I'm classed as a key worker, my hours for the remainder of March have been reduced and so I'm sat at home like most of the population.
Queue X-Plane.

I've flown from Milan to Gatwick, Gatwick to Milan, Gatwick to Jersey and Stansted to Edinburgh in the last couple of days.

Has anybody else gone a bit mad with their flying in order to pass the time? :S
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Battle of Britain
Battle of Britain
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Re: Isolation and flying.

Post by Tomliner »

Has anybody else gone a bit mad with their flying in order to pass the time? :S
Not yet. I’ll limit my time on fs or by the time this is all over I might have thrown the pc out of the window through boredom! :hello: EricT
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The Ministry
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Re: Isolation and flying.

Post by TSR2 »

Havent done any flying yet as I've been pretty busy, but should be easier after this week is out of the way :cpu:


Vintage Pair
Vintage Pair
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Re: Isolation and flying.

Post by TobyV »

I'm trying to work from home. Connectivity troubles, can't talk to colleague easily, can't find [paper] files, have to make my own lunch and clean the dishes instead of going to the canteen and now one of the neighbours is having a tree shredded outside seemingly.

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Re: Isolation and flying.

Post by Molyned »

Dave M(oly)

Nigel H-J
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Red Arrows
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Re: Isolation and flying.

Post by Nigel H-J »

I had started X-Plane 11 and stepped into the cockpit did a few circuits then came out, must be because of tiredness but trying to commit to a few flights today using Pilot2ATC.

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Re: Isolation and flying.

Post by chrispbits »

I'm actually on hols but with nowhere to go :S . I've done a couple of flight in XP from Orbx Leeds/Bradford to Heathrow. First go ended a abruptly. Too busy sightseeing and not paying attention to airspeed meant lawn darting in the vicinity of Nottingham.

Leeds/Bradford is pretty good but how on earth do you summon a push back tug?

Paul K
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Red Arrows
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Re: Isolation and flying.

Post by Paul K »

Haven't been doing much recently, though I did try out A2A's P-40, generously made available for free. Very nice indeed, well up to their usual high standards.
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Re: Isolation and flying.

Post by Buggyman »

Pressing problem at the moment has been getting my medication from the Pharmacy 6 miles away although a kindly person has now offered to do the job in the morning.

Trying to finish off 2 models which have lingered in the 'pending' box for too long. Managed Leeming - Leewarden in an Alphajet yesterday, might get a bit more FS time tomorrow. Being semi-house bound this is normal for me and I find that I have to ration my FS otherwise it becomes more like a job of work rather than an entertaining and challenging hobby.



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Re: Isolation and flying.

Post by 511Flyer »

Flew IFR Gatwick to Kefalonia in a Norwegian 737. A trip we have made about 35 times in the last 25 years.

We have only missed one year since 1996, and that was because I was ill. Some years we have been twice.

May has been cancelled this year, but we hope to go in September.


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