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Classic British Flight Sim has been around since 2001, evolving from the forum that Tom Matthews had originally set up for David Maltby's website. In those days, Rick Piper was largely a painter, hence the title of his website "Rick's Paintshop".

Due to technical problems, the original forum disappeared, but resurfaced again, thanks to the generosity of Henk Hugo at the Shackleton Project in South Africa. Henk allowed CBFSIM to have a section on his forum for some 18 months. It was during this time, some of the original members of CBFSIM decided they would like to bring the forum back to the UK, and have the forum run and managed in house.

On 17th June 2004 CBFSIM came home to the UK. The day to day Admin of the forum is done by the extremely hard working David Booker, Garry Russell, Ben Watson and "Tonks" leaving the developers free to work their magic.

The team has grown over the years at a steady pace, with Dave Garwood joining the ranks of the guru's in 2004 and our newest guru's; Derek Palmer and Fraser McKay.

Over the past few years we have seen forum membership rise greatly and non registered visitors also increase beyond what we imagined.

As well as providing support for models by Rick Piper, David Maltby, Dave Garwood and Derek Palmer, we also have helpful advise and friendly chat about Classic British Flight, both in Microsoft flight Simulator, and in the real world.

Recently we have seen Garry Russell take to the modelling side, initially working on his Bristol Super Freighter and then the Britannia and CL44.

A new development in 2006 was the introduction of our very own Virtual Airline, with much hard work from John Payne. this has proved very popular and adds yet another dimension to CBFSIM.

Thanks for taking the time to read our intro, and we hope you enjoy

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