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Classic British Flight Services is the Virtual Airline of Classic British Flight Sim.
Our VA uses the FSAirlines system. Click the link below to visit.

FSAirlines - Enjoy a new dimension of flight simming ICAO Code: CBF Classic British Statistics page
Based in: United Kingdom
Balance: 0 Mv$
Reputation: 120
Pilot salary: 15% of VA-income
Last 5 flights completed  [ more ]
From To Arrival PAX Distance Pilot Aircraft Reg Income
EGMC EGJJ May 21, 11:03 20 180 nm Geoff Price DC3 G-AMSV 188,650 v$
SPIM MPHO May 20, 17:54 44 1267 nm Joe Cusick DC4 G-ARJY 821,875 v$
EGKK EGNT May 20, 16:24 97 240 nm Christopher Manlow BA11 G-BCCV 376,825 v$
SCEL SPIM May 20, 16:05 44 1331 nm Joe Cusick DC4 G-ARJY 815,725 v$
EHAM EGBB May 20, 15:43 60 239 nm Andrew Siddall VISC G-AOHW 160,025 v$
Current flights
From To PAX Distance Pilot Aircraft Reg Flight Information
EGLL EGAA 121 282 nm Paul Crabtree TRID G-AWZP Flight Booked
MPHO MGGT 44 727 nm Joe Cusick DC4 G-ARJY Flight Booked

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Classic British VA Forum

The VA has its own section on the CBFS forum. Recruiting, FSAirlines info, Aircraft and Routes info etc.
Plus a crew room for any VA related chat.
Come on in, our pilots will be glad to help you join & fly with the VA.
Visit the Classic British Flight Services VA forum
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