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Classic British Flight Services is the Virtual Airline of Classic British Flight Sim.
Our VA uses the FSAirlines system. Click the link below to visit.

FSAirlines - Enjoy a new dimension of flight simming ICAO Code: CBF Classic British Statistics page
Based in: United Kingdom
Balance: 0 Mv$
Reputation: 120
Pilot salary: 15% of VA-income
Last 5 flights completed  [ more ]
From To Arrival PAX Distance Pilot Aircraft Reg Income
EGPF EGBB Feb 18, 19:03 57 226 nm Anders Samuelsson VISC G-AOHL 144,525 v$
EGAC EGLC Feb 17, 20:22 70 284 nm Adrian Smith B462 G-OLCA 336,475 v$
EDDH EGLL Feb 17, 20:17 121 403 nm Dale Moore TRID G-AWZA 1,147,175 v$
EGLC EGAC Feb 17, 18:10 70 284 nm Adrian Smith B462 G-OLCA 364,975 v$
KPHL EGLL Feb 16, 20:30 115 3076 nm Adrian Smith VC15 G-ASGH 5,831,100 v$
Current flights
From To PAX Distance Pilot Aircraft Reg Flight Information
EGKK EGBP 47 77 nm Joe Cusick ARGO G-ALHI Flight Booked

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Classic British VA Forum

The VA has its own section on the CBFS forum. Recruiting, FSAirlines info, Aircraft and Routes info etc.
Plus a crew room for any VA related chat.
Come on in, our pilots will be glad to help you join & fly with the VA.
Visit the Classic British Flight Services VA forum
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