CBFS - Awards
(last flight recorded 20-06-2019, 13:28 - Dale Moore)
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for the month of May 2019

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Most Flights

1Adrian Smith35
2Dale Moore18
3Panos Thomas9

Most Miles

1Adrian Smith20,876 nm
2Dale Moore14,184 nm
3Panos Thomas11,106 nm

Most Hours

1Adrian Smith81.7 h
2Dale Moore40.5 h
3Panos Thomas36.1 h

Most Hours

(1x Sim Rate)
1Adrian Smith62.2 h
2Dale Moore40.5 h
3Panos Thomas36.1 h

Highest Paid

1Adrian Smith190,707 v$
2Panos Thomas67,512 v$
3Dale Moore51,658 v$

Highest Profit

1Adrian Smith23.45 Mv$
2Panos Thomas9.57 Mv$
3Dale Moore7.32 Mv$

Best Rated

1Dale Moore100.28100.00 %
2Adrian Smith100.1299.57 %
3Andrew Siddall100.09100.00 %

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Adrian Smith [img]https://www.cbfsim.co.uk/cbfsim/g-cbfs/Images/Adrian_Smith_Shield.png[/img]
Dale Moore [img]https://www.cbfsim.co.uk/cbfsim/g-cbfs/Images/Dale_Moore_Shield.png[/img]